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Preserving your flowers in candle lights that last forever"

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Gallery of Candles

                   Candle centerpiece                   MemorialCandle on     Candles in home setting
on dining room table                   Pewter Pedestal
Candles w/crosses                        Med. Round candle                       Med. Candle lamp
                                                       w/dogwoods                           w/ candy wrappers


                               Picture in candle                             Bride & Groom in Large Heart Candle

      Aristocrat Candle Collection
  (Electric only)

     Medium Oval Candle                  Tall oval candle                 Small/Med. oval candles
      w/nameplate                          w/nameplate                         w/wooden bases

              Large electric heart           Small heart w/base    

             Grande Square Candle Lamp                      "Imperial" Candle Lamp
(9" x 9" x18" H)                                        (10" x 24" H)
(Electric only)                                         (Electric only)

   School emblems in candles
Email us your school emblems to go in the candles

Add a "Smile" to your candle light.
    Add an emblem to personalize

                                                          your Memorial Candle Light.

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