DFI Designs
Preserving your flowers in candle lights that last forever"

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Candle Accessories

Traditional Dark Wood Bases

    Lg. Square Wooden Base              Lg. Rd Wooden Base                Lg. Hex Wooden Base          Lg. Oval Wooden Base
                                             Sm. Rd Wooden Base          Sm. Hex Wooden Base             Sm. Oval Wooden Base

    Petite Square Wooden Base    Mini Round Wooden Base

Farmhouse White Wood Bases

                          Additional Accessories                                

                Replaceable Fuel Cells                                        Electric candle light base 
            (18 HR, 35 HR, 50 HR, & 90 HR)                (Available in all shapes & sizes.  Included  
with electric light selection.)  
                    Rubber Stoppers                                  Pedestal (electric) Memory Lamps
(For use in electric version of candle light             (Select any size or shape candle)
    to allow candle versatility as a vase)                       Available in pewter or white

      Add a picture and/or an engraved                          Pedestal Bases (Non-electric)
                    brass nameplate                                     Perfect base for our Unity Candles

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